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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 13, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. a federal report is revealing new details about a 2007 tiger attack. it was christmas day 2007 when a tiger at the san francisco zoo attacked three young men. one was killed. they revealed the tiger was likely provoked into jumping and clawing out of her enclosure. vic lee covered the story when it happened back then and now he has more. >> reporter: a tiger expert who investigated the fatal attack wrote that the siberian tiger
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must have been provoked to jump from her en klior. one agrees. >> in order to be aj tiajd enough to jump out of en klior, she had to have been really taunted by the individuals. from the cafe if you turn the corner and you go down here and that is where the tiger. >> he is a veteran tiger trainer that has worked at the san francisco zoo. he has read the report and saw the pictures by the investigators. it shows claw scratches and more scratches on the top of the wall and blood smears outside the tiger enclosure where he killed the person. >> to jump 12 and a half feet and pull herself up, it's an outstanding feat that is very unusual. >> the siberian killed susa and
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injured two of his friends. the tiger leaped out of the got oh that was surrounded by a moat. the report says after the tiger sat with the body, the tiger likely followed the blood trail outside a cafe where she resumed her attack on one of the brothers. police finally and shot and killed the tiger. a spokesman of the zoo says the report vindicates his client. >> this never would have happened if the brothers and their young friend hadn't enraged the tiger. >> but michael cardoza, an attorney, no matter what the zoo is still at fault. >> it should have been their obligation to keep the tiger in the enclosure no matter what people did to it. >> after the attack, the zoo
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built a new enclosure in the tiger grotto. a body has been recovered in a stanislaus canal but investigators say that body matches the description of the suspect who kidnapped four-year-old juliani cardenas last month. >> the body was found floating in the delta mendota canal by a water district employee by about 8:30. sheriffs say the body closes matches the person they have been searching for since january 18. >> our team responded and our detectives responded as well as our dive team and recovered the body. that is an adult hispanic male. the clothing and physical description matches the description. >> the suspect is jose rodriguez. he kidding juliani cardenas january 18th by snatching the boy from his grandmother's arm.
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the emit toyota was pulled last month. the mother showed relief that the ordeal is finally over. >> i was relieved and i was just thinking about jose's mom. i hope she is okay and tough enough to deal with this. i know what it feels like to lose a son because i lost my, too. >> wearing a t-shirt with juliani cardenas's picture on it hopes that his daughter won't forget him. >> now she knows her ex-boyfriend has been found to be and can no longer can hurt her she can now rest. >> we don't have to worry about anything else happening. >> an autopsy is scheduled for tuesday. positive identification will be made through dna, evidence on the body or dental records.
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oakland police are searching for two suspects after a high-speed chase injured an innocent driver. one suspect the driver of a green chrysler led people on a five minute chase through oakland before crashing into a gray buick at the corner of ritchie and macarthur boulevard of the buick smashed into a store and burst into flames. a witness rushed to help the innocent driver. >> you could tell he couldn't walk. i took him to the hospital where he is now. >> the suspect's car also caught fire. police say he took off leaving the other suspect, his female passenger behind. the officer helped her pull her from the burning car. police searched the area for an hour or so but unable to find the man or the woman they believe he is armed. >> tomorrow is valentine's day, one of the most popular days for
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weddings and once again, same-sex couples will be denied marriage licenses under proposition 8. the amendment which bans same-sex marriage. dozens of gay and lesbian couples plan to hold a sit-in to protest. you might recall that last august a judge ruled prop 8 unconstitutional saying it denies gay couples equal treatment and due process. his ruling remains on hold while prop 8 supports appeal. >> san mateo county sheriff says county jails he supervisor vices would be overflowing if the governor trims the state prison population by transferring them to local jails.
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such a transfer would increase san mateo's inmate population by hop. it could force him to release some prisoners. san mateo county jails are already 120% of capacity. >> health agencies in san mateo county are getting the word out that all seventh to twelfth graders they need proof to vaccinated against whooping cough. a new law requires it. only allowed exceptions for parental, personal beliefs or medical reasons. boosters are now required for students of middle school age. the number of whooping cough cases in san mateo county has gone from ten in 2009 to 183 in 2010. the state is experiencing the most severe outbreak since the 1950s. >> coming up next, the
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transition to democracy in egypt as military leaders meet two key demands of protestors. >> and another budget battle. president obama prepares to submit his spending plan while conservative republicans are
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egypt's military leaders have met two key demands by announcing they suspended the constitution and dissolved the
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parliament. known as the ruling council did that just today meeting for the first time since mubarak's departure saying it plans on running the country for about six months or until elections can be held. the military is working to clear out tahir square and reopen the surrounding roads to get the country moving again. establishing security will be their first priority. some protestors want to stay in the square. others seem satisfied that the transition is underway. >> people will leave and go home but egypt will come back again. everything will be okay. >> some egyptians continue to celebrate the victory of pushing mubarak out of power, others are taking part in cleaning up the square which is symbolic of their desire to clean up the government and take ownership of egypt. >> how long will egypt remain under military rule should elections be held right away?
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as some protestors are demanding. or would waiting until september create more stability? egypt's ambassador to the united states discussed the time frame on abc's "this week." >> it could be a year? >> i've seen in the opposition speaking about it, a year to establish the political environment or be able to prevent the platforms. >> israel's defense minister appeared on the program saying that israel does not feel threatened by the changes taking place in egypt. they say quick elections could favor extremists she so he would prefer the egyptians to take some time and choose their next leader carefully. >> another big budget battle begins tomorrow in washington when president obama presents his spending plan. it also calls for government reforms including a freeze on
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wages for federal workers. still republicans in congress say we can't afford it. now a preview. with a weakened economy and ballooning deficit what the right thing to do, takes taik an axe or a scalpel to spending? >> this makes washing live within it's means while the same time investing our future. >> tomorrow he will release a budget which freezes government spending for five years. it would be fade for a paid freeze. selling unused buildings and cuts in assistance programs a $400 billion saving over ten years according to obama. >> the budget will probably make most people unhappy. >> the failure to control federal spending occurred while republicans as well as democrats. i have to tell you it has gotten
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worse in the last two years. >> conservative republicans dismiss the president's plan wanting to cut everything he hopes to spend on. >> stop, enough, we're not going down this road anymore. >> meeting this weekend republicans are celebrating a victory over their own leadership in the house who suggested $35 billion in cuts for the rest of this year, freshmen more than 80 of them revolted promised to cut more than a $100 billion. >> the speaker was forced to bend. >> we're going to cut more than $100 billion in discretionary spending. >> reporter: the tea party proclaims it is changing washington's ways. >> the house leadership knows that we mean business and we're not going to back off. they do not have a free pass. >> while the republicans opposed $100 billion may be symbolic the real battle will start tomorrow.
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he will offer his own cuts in an effort to undermine the republican position. finally back to the kind of weather we're supposed to have. >> the fog has really moved across much of the bay area since we were sleeping. sutro, some sunshine but poor visibility around the bay and cold and rainy week. >> also coming up, the extraordinary fight outside
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. more orkas have been spotted from san francisco bay. they spotted a pod swimming yesterday afternoon. some tour boats got a glimpse of more than ten of the whales orcas. it's not unusual to see them off
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the coast but the captain says he has never saw that many off the coast of san francisco. do you think el nina had anything to do that? >> sure. but getting back to the rain, this is the view from mount tam, sutro tower and we do have plenty of fog, westerly winds are back and it's been freezing but look at some sunshine from our roof camera. downtown san francisco but in oakland you have fog. emeryville, more fog on the peninsula and the south bay. 46 in mountain view, good morning, san jose. 47 there. 48 in san francisco. look at the numbers, stuck in the 30s from santa rosa to napa getting a little bit warmer in the east bay valleys. livermore, 43 to you. here are the visibility, less than a quarter of mile in novato. half a mile in hayward with just over a mile in san jose and mountain view. a little bit better but even
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your airport is two-mile visibility. this morning, pretty much everybody, much colder except for redwood city and antioch. look at napa, ten degrees cooler and five degrees colder for why you in oakland. mountain view, five degrees cooler, a wind shift and weakening ridge of high pressure, we will see sunshine but increasing clouds late in the day. that will allow for a cooler afternoon highs. rain returns tomorrow, maybe a quarter of an inch in the north bay but here is where we stand so far. with 20 inches in santa rosa, 90% of normal. oakland is eleven inches, the 6% of normal and san jose is trailing behind, 66% of normal. we have a rs of storms stacked up in the pacific northwest that will be rotating through the bay area. the strongest one, tuesday night into wednesday, maybe a couple of inches with that system but the first one headed our way
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tomorrow. first one, sonoma county late morning, rest of the bay and maybe not the south bay but by the early evening hours there is a chance when things settle down into monday night, but we tuesday afternoon late into wednesday. here is the next stronger storm, winds kick up the snow piling up in the sierra nevada, two to four feet in time for the presidents' day weekend but there is another later in the week. still mild for sunshine, 73 in fresno. 59 in yosemite. 76 in los angeles a 63 in monterey and back home, look for numbers have a comfortable in intelligence, 66 for you. 65 in redwood city. on the coast, breezy much cooler about 60. 62 in downtown and in the north bay, no more 70s, 65 in novato. in the east bay, cooler
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afternoon. of you fremont. and then in the inland valleys, quite cold but 65 in pleasanton. monterey, warming up, pebble beach will be cool in the low 60s, 5-6 degrees cooler there. dry day today, the last one, valentine's day, wet in the north bay but everyone should see rain, low snow levels maybe mount hamilton. >> i got it. thanks, lisa. >> coming up next, why a valentine's day
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tomorrow is valentine's day, you can expect to see things flying in justin hermann plaza, it's time for the great san francisco pillow fight. thousands of people gather in front of ferry building to quietly wait for the clock to strike 6:00 then it's just crazy. it looks like fun but it ruffles the feathers of the department of public works. the cost of cleaning up runs about $35,000 each year. by the way today, south bay is getting in on the act with the pillow fight at noon at caesar
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chavez park in downtown san jose. it will be dry for them. >> yes, today. >> even some sunshine out there right now but in oakland, pretty cloudy out there. overall today, partly cloudy, cooler on average, about 5-7 degrees. san francisco, 62. you are coming down 6 degrees, breezy on our coast and notice no 70s out there. mid-60s in the north bay. increasing clouds especially in the north bay later on in the day. we'll look for cooler temperatures here, as well. 65 in santa cruz. valentine's day, starts out wet in the north bay, rain spreading south, maybe a quarter of an inch best, and then heavier rain. >> and that is going to do it for us. we are off a bitterly because of n.b.a. basketball coverage. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. have a great sunday, bye-bye.
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welcome to boston. mike breen at the td garden, one of the marquee games on the nba schedule. the east-leading heat visiting the conference champion celtics and their own contingent of all-nba performers. [ clock ticking ] >> time, relentless,


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